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[workshop] Shoulder Savvy

This recorded virtual workshop will lead you through a battery of strength and flexibility tests to determine your injury risk during participation in movement arts. You will receive a pass/ fail score on each part of the test, and will be instructed in specific exercises for the components that you did not pass. At the end of the class, you will have a complete injury-prevention plan to immediately implement.

Friday, June 30th

Twisty Tune-Up

This 30 minute, spinal-twist focused injury prevention course will guide you through mobility and strength exercises to unlock your maximal SAFE rotational range!

Thursday, June 29th

Bending Backwards

This is an hour long back flexibility class that is best suited to students who are already training their bridge. There will be a heavy emphasis on active flexibility.

Tuesday, June 27th

(Shoulder)Blades of Glory

This is a 30 minute follow along program for shoulder injury prevention.

Friday, June 23rd


This is an hour long leg flexibility class that will cover square splits, middle splits, and pancake. There is a heavy emphasis on active flexibility.

Thursday, June 22nd

Handstand Helper

30 minutes of guided mobility work to improve your straight handstand!

Tuesday, June 20th

Tame your Traps

Relax chronically tight upper traps while also strengthening neck and shoulder stabilizers.

Tuesday, June 6th

Magnificent Middles

30 minutes of active flexibility-focused work for your middle splits & pancake.

Friday, June 2nd

Straight to the Point

This quick 30 minute class is all about strong LINES: knees & toes!

Thursday, June 1st

Fantastic Thoracic

Short & sweet class targeting upper back and shoulder flexibility.

Thursday, June 1st

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